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little vanilla and leafs l by DiegoVainillaThis group is for artists who love drawing cats! little vanilla and leafs r by DiegoVainilla
Neko Emoji-29 (Nyaa) [V2] by Jerikuto

How to Join:

:bulletblue: Click on the "Join our Group" on the top of this page. cute watch by DiegoVainilla
:bulletblue: Check your messages there should be a message saying that you have been accepted!

Submitting your Artwork:

(Note: You must be a member of this group to submit artwork!)

:bulletblue: Click on the "contribute art" button at the top of the page.
:bulletblue: Use the drop down menu to select the correct folder for your submission.
:bulletblue: Choose the artwork you would like to submit from your gallery.
:bulletblue: Click "Ok"/"Submit" you're done!

Exclamation by Drawn-MarioNot sure where to submit? Check our folder guide: :STRANGER: by 8-BitSpider
Digital Art- Art made using a computer program such as Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, and etc.
Traditional Art- Art made without the use of a computer (pencils, paints, pens, markers, etc.)
OCs- Art of OCs (own characters) digital or traditional.
Warrior Cats- Art of Warrior Cats characters from the books digital or traditional.
OC Warrior Cats- Art of any OCs based on or set in the Warrior Cats Series
Fictional Characters- Folder for all other characters that are cat based aside from Warriors. (Ex. Pokemon, Felidae)
Animations- Animations, icons, banners, avatars, and deviantART stamps go in this folder.
Written Work- Any piece that is written, such as fan fics, short stories and one shots. Can be about characters from Warriors, OCs, and etc.
Crafts- Any work that is handmade, such as costumes, sculpture or paper crafts.
Comics- Traditional or digital comics of characters from the Warriors, OCs, and etc.
Memes- Traditional or digital memes of characters
Humans- Art of any human or humanoid characters including humanized cat OCs, Nekomimi and so on.
Animals and Creatures- Any animals or creatures aside from cats
Commission Info- Commission info. Points and Paypal

Reindeer by BlobiconsPlease only submit your own art. If you find some Warriors art besides your own that you'd like to add to our group, add it to our favourites instead.

tick by DiegoVainillaWe do accept:
OC's, Warrior Cats, digital art, traditional art, feral, anthro, animation, comics, crafts, and literature.
x by DiegoVainillaWe do not accept:
Photography, adoptables, traced, stolen, strong sexual themes or WIPS/Simple Sketches (Submit your best/finished work please!)

Rules and Behavior:

When you become a member of this group you are expected to follow dA's rules and behavior guidelines!
Please be kind to your fellow group members!

:police:Warning: Please take care in keeping the group a fun place to discuss, post and share! Flamers, art thieves, or people who cause problems will get banned from the group! Hiss by Blobicons

[-ai- ROMANCE] Red Love Letter by Gasara cute group by DiegoVainilla [-ai- ROMANCE] Red Love Letter by Gasara
Feel free to send the group a note or comment
with any additional questions you may have! :CAT: by 8-BitSpider






Group Info

This group is centralized around people who love cats and enjoy drawing cats! A place for those with similar interests to meet and grow!

Whether you like Warrior Cats, have some cat OCs, or so on- This is the place to be!
While we are a primarily cat based group we support the growth and expanding of our members work. We welcome other artwork featuring things such as other various animals, creatures and humans! We hope to see you not only improve but expand outward!
Founded 2 Months ago
Apr 15, 2017


Group Focus
Art Creation

130 Members
133 Watchers
1,089 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Gallery Folders

cat artists icon by supichu
Leafpool at the Gathering - MAP screenshot thing by kuiwi
Rose Thorns by lulucampo
Yellowfang Vs Blackfoot by lulucampo
.:Digital Art
Eternal  by KoiKatArts
Tasta the 3rd by TastaturKatze
Among Them by FelidaeFire
Amber chibi by StarGazingHipster
.:Traditional Art
Salut Rita by MsMeowtaKittyClaws
Chat Arc-en-ciel by MsMeowtaKittyClaws
Cat sketches by xXRaggedFangXx
Avariciousness by MsMeowtaKittyClaws
Waves {SP} by ScorcherSoldier
Nathan Reference  by KoiKatArts
Kyra Reference  by KoiKatArts
Osiris Reference  by KoiKatArts
.:Warrior Cats
I've never seen one fall so gracefully by FALCHI0N
Scourge and Tigerstar by NakaratheDemon
Hawkfrost  by KoiKatArts
Cinderpelt by KoiKatArts
.:OC Warrior Cats
Sorrelpaw by sorrelpaaws
VV || Fawny Art by PeachmiIk
Flarestalker Ref.Sheet by SpottedCrows
CoTN: A legend that shines bright by Sakirtus
.:Fictional Characters
- the rock legend! by ZooTheWhiteLion
Skittles Req by reblog
Volcano baby by reblog
Cash Monay by reblog
Merlin by doraeyaki
cat artists icon by supichu
Welcome to the Club (Link in Desc) by Skycloud-Nya
.:Written Work
Neko Nyan Nyan by MsMeowtaKittyClaws
Toxic Paws Chapter One Cover by DaHuskyPup-Draws
Star Watch by FelidaeFire
.:Animals and Creatures
.:Commission Info
Pride YCH - Example Added by xRainingRose





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TastaturKatze Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I'm new here, and submitted some of my art to the Folder "Digital Art", but it didn't pop up in my group deviations notifications?
It doesn't seem to be the folder itself, because I did recieve a notifiation for example for
{COUL} Right side of heaven
But my submissions, for example
DCD 13
did not pop up. However, my own submissions pop up in two other groups where I post, so, yeah...I'm kinda confused.
Is it a bug, only me not seeing it, or is there are thing I'm not aware of...?
NakaratheDemon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist

We just checked the folder and your piece you were worried about is in the folder fine? This may be a bug on Deviantart's part by the looks of it. Don't worry about it to much. If the problem persists however please let us know and we'll look further into it! As of now though all folder permissions and such look in order
TastaturKatze Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it is in the folder, got accepted, but the issue is: I didn't see it in my notifications, like I see the other submissions from other people in the group. So I'm afraid that NO watcher gets even notified about it.
And it happend to all 3 pieces I submitted so far.
May I suggest an experiment?
I will submit later this drawing here.
<da:thumb id="627721445" format="200H">

And you tell me if it popped up in your group deviation stack (in sense as watcher).
(I will wait with that until you have seen this comment, so you don't accidentally delete the submission notification before reading it)

PS: Sorry if I sound confusing. But the problem is itself kinda confusing.
NakaratheDemon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Huh : O that's strange since i did a lil test submitting my warrior art into this group and it show up in my notification.

I'll have a chat with blu to figure out with this small issue tho ovo the image you show me didn't work in your comment but i'll keep an eye out to see if your art show up 
(1 Reply)
BluSilurus Featured By Owner Edited Apr 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
FirestarRules123 StarSpark-22 xXRaggedFangXx Sorry about that guys! The Warrior Cats folder is all fixed you can submit to it now! :'DDD
xXRaggedFangXx Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student General Artist
Ah alright, thanks! :D
StarSpark-22 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Okie :D
FirestarRules123 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Yes, the Warriors folder won't let me submit :( (Sad) 
xXRaggedFangXx Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Student General Artist
I agree with starspark-22, I'd like to submit to the warrior folder.
Jupiterjumper2 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
there should definitely be a folder solely dedicated to cat puns.

it would be PAWsitivley PURRfect

... I'm so sorry
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